Stormwater Resources

Environmental Pollution Reporting

Please report all pollution concerns to the City of Pflugerville, especially if such any such concern has the potential to impact a stream, creek, or other nearby water source.

For immediate assistance, call (512) 990-6348 and/or (512) 990-6300.  Otherwise, pollution concerns, illicit discharges, and/or illegal dumping may also be reported to or via the City’s Report a Problem webpage.

For reference, pollution concerns that warrant reporting may include, but are not limited to, illegal dumping into the storm drain; improper disposal of commercial or industrial waste; spills or leaks; sewage or septic discharges; construction site runoff; and the improper disposal of trash, pool water, household chemicals, motor oils, other mechanical fluids, etc.  Further information about pollutants of concern is also available on the City’s Environmental Pollution Prevention Hot-Line and Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination webpage.

Annual Report

In addition to the SWMP, the District must submit a yearly annual report to the TCEQ in order to demonstrate compliance with the general permit. Under the general permit, if permittees are participating in a shared SWMP, as the District is, then they must contribute to a system-wide annual report.

Copies of the Districts’ Annual Reports are available below.

2021 Annual Report

Stormwater Codes/Ordinances

Travis County Code

Pflugerville Stormwater Ordinance

Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Storm Water Management Programs for the City of Pflugerville Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and Travis County

Waste Disposal/Recycling Resources

City of Pflugerville Recycling Center: To recycle items at the center, you must be a resident of the City of Pflugerville and a utility customer. Please bring a valid photo ID and a recent utility statement from the City of Pflugerville for verification.

  • Location: 15500 Sun Light Near Way, #B, Inside Travis County Metro Park (Formerly 2609 E. Pecan).

City of Austin Household Hazardous Waste Facility

  • Location: 2514 Business Center Drive, Austin, TX 78744
  • Phone: (512) 974-4343

Landscaping and Lawn Care Resources

Pool & Spa Draining; Guidelines to Drain Your Swimming Pool or Spa

Green Infrastructure; Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance Manual