Lakeside Water Control and Improvement District No. 1

Lakeside Water Control & Improvement District No. 1 (the “District”) was created on September 14, 1998 under the authority of Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution. The District contains approximately 166 acres of land, and is located within the Blackhawk development, wholly within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Pflugerville (the “City”). Blackhawk has been developed primarily for single family residential purposes, and the District provides water, sanitary sewer, and drainage facilities to serve those residences.

The District has contracted with the City to operate, maintain, and manage the water and wastewater facilities and services within its boundaries.  As such, general water and wastewater inquiries should be directed to the City’s Public Works Department, which may be contacted at (512) 990-6400.  Utility billing information is available at, but may also be requested at or (512) 990-6100.  After-hours water and wastewater problems, such as water leaks or outages, may be reported to the City via the Citizen’s Communication Line at (512) 990-6700, option 0; and any pollution concerns, illicit discharges, and/or illegal dumping should be reported as described on our Stormwater Resources page.

To determine whether your home is located within the District, please see the District Map.

News and Notices

Board Meeting Notice for October 12, 2021

Workers Installing AT&T Fiber in the District

District residents may have noticed that there are workers in the neighborhood. The District board has been in touch with the company that is doing the work and have an open line of communication with them if there is a need or emergency. The company doing the work is the Housley Group. They can be reached at 1-800-966-2686. This number will ring a non-local call center, so be sure to ask for the Austin office. They will be able to get you to the right person.

On March 2, 2021, Housely informed one of the District board members that there was supposed to have been a door hanger distribution in the last 6 weeks or so alerting residents to the work that will be done this spring. Many residents did not get a door hanger. If you are one of these residents and are interested in knowing, here are the details we have as of this date:

  • Housley started by spray-painting pavement and yards to identify the location of existing utilities.
  • They are now boring holes to lay conduit that will later be used to pull the fiber optic cable.
  • There is some heavy machinery being used and any damage should be confined to the utility right-of-way
  • Housley is due to be done with the conduit by mid April
  • There is over 30,000 yards of conduit being laid in preparation for the fiber optic cable
  • There is no estimate at this time for the completion of this project
  • Any questions, complaints, or concerns can be addressed to the Housley office at 800-966-2686.

ATTENTION: The Boil Water Notice has been rescinded.

District residents may continue to use water normally as of February 23, 2021. Here are some recommendations on cleaning procedures and replacement of items that might have been compromised:

  • Flush household pipes/faucets first: To flush your plumbing, run all your cold water faucets on full for at least 5 minutes each. If your service connection is long or complex (like in an apartment building) consider flushing for a longer period. Your property manager or landlord should be able to advise you on longer flushing times.
  • Automatic ice makers: Dump existing ice and flush the water feed lines by making and discarding three batches of ice cubes. Wipe down the ice bin with a disinfectant. If your water feed line to the machine is longer than 20 feet, increase to five batches.
  • Hot water heaters, water coolers, in line filters, and other appliances with direct water connections or water tanks: Run enough water to completely replace at least one full volume of all lines and tanks. If your filters are near the end of their life, replace them.
  • Water softeners: Run through a regeneration cycle.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) units: Replace pre-filters, check owner’s manual.
  • Replace other water filters, as they are disposable and may be contaminated. This applies especially to carbon filters and others that are near the end of their life.

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